The Untold Story

You love me or not, i am not sure!
neither, i want to act mature…
I am here, mad in your love, and,
want to stay the same forever..

would be the luckiest in universe,
if you could also love me back!
but here, i have to traverse,
many paths, with only your dreams on the rack!

you are my inspiration,
you are my motivation,
but you have no idea of my situation..
want you, so much to be aware,
but every time, this gets so bizarre..

can’t imagine what would be more painful?
looking at you, breaking my heart,
or, bearing my broken soul…

I am here, trying to forget you,
but look! can’t stop thinking about you..
I guess, can’t stop loving you.

I am here, praying for you,
May you get the one you love,
May you never feel the pain, you gave to me..
I promise, will never stop smiling,
will smile for you, if can’t smile with you….   🙂


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