The last wish…

Under the vast sky,
Eyes shimmering looking at the stars,
Lying on the green grass,
Breathing the scent of wet earth,

Resting my head on Mom’s lap,
Smiling at me,
Slowly she caressing my head,
And, singing me her favorite old melodies,
(She is a wonderful singer!)

Daddy sitting beside,
Talking about his old days of engineering,
(I love those old days college stories!)
Telling me how proud he is of me,
(I secretly hope it happens someday!)

Drinking together our favorite cup of tea,
Looking at that peaceful smile on their face,
Nothing more I want to see,
May be that’s how I want to die…

– Priya Soni

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My Childhood

When nothing seems to work out,
I look back,
And talk to my childhood

The eyes capable of dreaming to the infinity,
The heart with immense power to stand for the truth,
The soul with exquisite purity,
The attitude to conquer the world,
The same child is still inside me

Let the child breathe again,
Let the storm rage again,
The support I seek from the world,
Has to arise from within again…

– Priya Soni

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