The Dream

Everyday, he burnt himself under the Sun,
Bathing in the sweat,
But not a sight of complaint

Buying a piece of bread,
For the children,
Was his only ambition

Today also,
He could manage only a piece,
Let’em have all of it”
He told to his wife
Earning man of the house,
Was again on the hunger strike
They’ve to study,
They need it more…”
Yearning for their growth,
He kept lying some more…

As the sun arrived again,
He was there on the fields,
Sparkling eyes had the same dream,
Though frailing health couldn’t support any more…

– Priya Soni

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Now that I know…


Now that I know,
You like when it rains,
I’ll dance with you some more…

Now that I know,
You will play those chords,
I’ll sing with you some more…

Now that I know,
You were crying missing her,
I’ll make you smile some more…

Now that I know,
You’re surrendering to the baricade,
I’ll stand with you some more…

Now that I know,
You’re loosing trust in her,
I’ll trust you some more…

Now that I know,
You’ll keep questioning yourself,
I’ll find answers some more…

Now that I know,
You love her to bits,
I’ll smile for you some more… 🙂

– Priya Soni


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The Solitary

Talk to the moon,
But don’t be quiet…

Cry in the rain,
But don’t let tears well up…

Scream in the valley,
But don’t let words choke you…

Embrace the sky,
Keep your spirits high…

Caress the flower you love,
Not everything here is so tough…

You don’t have to walk alone,
Clouds be the companion against thorn…

Sleep in the arms of nature,
With the book that you nurture…
Wearing maturity as a lie,
Don’t let the inner child die…

– Priya Soni


Beneath a tree,
She sat like a stone…
Wearing old bruises,
Fighting with the cold wind…
Torn dress could not sustain,
All her efforts were in vain…
All alone she was left to groan,
With only the wind, that aided the moan…

Looking at the fireworks, she wondered
Millions of shooting stars, she assumed
Wishing for some food, her eyes sparkled
Looking at her folded hands, even God was stirred

Breaking the silence, a voice called her,
“This is the Diwali gift for you”, the lady told her.
Thanking her, she began eating with delight…
Her glittering face was now matching with the sky…

H A P P Y   D I W A L I 🙂

– Priya Soni


Kabhi us nanhe balak ko dekha hai,
jo shayad maa se bichad gaya hai,
beech sadak pe baitha hai jo,
nirantar bas maa ko pukarta hai jo,

yun to koi takleef nahi hai use,
par koi apna kho gaya hai,
usi ko khojne nikal pade hain aansu jaise,
reh gyi hain anbhigya si aankhe peeche…

kisi aur ki parvah nahi hai use,
kahan hai vo,
kinke beech,
kuch nahi…
bas ek anjane bhay me lipt,
bheed me maa ko talashta hai vo…

agle hi pal,
vo tha maa ke aanchal me,
chashm-e-tar me bhi chalki thi vo,
muskaan jo laut aayi thi adharon pe ab…

maa ke aanchal ki chhaon,
har insaan ko mayassar nahi hoti…
hakimon ke pass bhi,
iss sargirani ki dawa nahi hoti…

par majal-e-khwab to dekho,
usi ek shann,
jaane kyu laga,
ki jaaun usi sadak par,
usi nanhe balak ki tarah…
jane kis guman me sochti hun,
ki bekhabar si ye deed-e-deedar,
kya pata, aaj khoj lein kisi apne ko… 🙂

– Priya Soni