हर इक पल एक सा तो था,
वक़्त न जाने कैसे बदल गया।


– प्रिया सोनी



खुद ही से अनजान,
एक मृगतृष्णा सी हूँ मैं,
हर एक पीड़ को तमाशबीन,
भीड़ से बाग़ी हूँ मैं ।


She preferred woods,
For the walls pushed her back…

She preferred skies,
For the stars knew her well..

She preferred pen,
For the ink shaped her words…

She preferred winds,
For the slithering leaves caressed her heart…

She preferred scars,
For they born with her struggles…

A warrior hidden,
From the world of sly
Denied by everyone,
Embraced by sky…

– Priya Soni


Sound of rain drops,
Splashing on the floor…

Leaves sliding with each other,
And the flowers breathing between them…

Sparkling fire-flies in the garden,
Bees humming all along…

Beer shimmering in the glass,
Entangled with the ice cubes…

Thoughts in my mind,
Murmuring to each other…
Living in a parallel universe,
Or is the state of my numbness…

– Priya Soni