The last wish…

Under the vast sky,
Eyes shimmering looking at the stars,
Lying on the green grass,
Breathing the scent of wet earth,

Resting my head on Mom’s lap,
Smiling at me,
Slowly she caressing my head,
And, singing me her favorite old melodies,
(She is a wonderful singer!)

Daddy sitting beside,
Talking about his old days of engineering,
(I love those old days college stories!)
Telling me how proud he is of me,
(I secretly hope it happens someday!)

Drinking together our favorite cup of tea,
Looking at that peaceful smile on their face,
Nothing more I want to see,
May be that’s how I want to die…

– Priya Soni

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Now that I know…


Now that I know,
You like when it rains,
I’ll dance with you some more…

Now that I know,
You will play those chords,
I’ll sing with you some more…

Now that I know,
You were crying missing her,
I’ll make you smile some more…

Now that I know,
You’re surrendering to the baricade,
I’ll stand with you some more…

Now that I know,
You’re loosing trust in her,
I’ll trust you some more…

Now that I know,
You’ll keep questioning yourself,
I’ll find answers some more…

Now that I know,
You love her to bits,
I’ll smile for you some more… 🙂

– Priya Soni


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Fly with her…

You want to grab her,
And, She swifts like a feather…
You want to harbor her,
But, She is a passenger…

Fly with her,
She takes you to the skies…
Breathe with her,
She makes you feel alive…

Even in her eyes,
There was a spark…
Covered up with the lies,
Now, lost in the dark…

Search for the truth in phony stories,
Gather the courage to unwrap her diaries…
Caress her with all the dove,
Kiss her scars, and paint yourself with love…

Be the spark of her eyes,
And, she’ll burn herself to make you shine…
Feel her chilly nights,
And, wake up to see the dawn, so divine… 🙂

– Priya Soni


Tujhe na hai kuch khabar,
Par tera hi hai ye asar
Khud pe yakin sa hone laga hai
Mai bhi kuch hu, mann kehne laga hai...
Chaahte to bahot thi pehle bhi,
Par unhe pura karne ka hausla, aane laga hai..
Unmukt gagan me udaan to tab bhi thi,
Par ek rukhi tuti patti ki tarah..
Jaise dhundti ho jeene ka ek sirah...
Ab titli ki tarah pankh kholti hu,
Aasmaan me rang bikherti hu...
 Tune hi ranga hai mujhe,
Bas keh na pau mai yeh tujhe...

You and Me

I live in your dreams,
and, you in my sleepy voice…

I make you conscious,
and, you lead me to unconsciousness…

You come like a fiery breeze,
and make my breath seize…
A moment so still,
yet so turbulent…

You inhale me like weed,
and, I am lost in your puff…
Both in the crescentic need,
all unsaid, yet so bluff…

You compose our song,
and my heart beats, for the melody…

Neglecting for so long,
Is what they call as reality…

Behind the red eyes,
It hides,

The moment when I realize,
You are empty of feelings for me,
and, I search for you in the emptiness…

Maana ki…

Maana ki khushi behad khubsoorat cheez hai,
Par ye kya ki, aansuon ko moti samajh liya…

Maana ki pyaar, tyaag ka doosra naam hai,
Par ye kya ki, khud hi ko luta diya…

Maana ki teri parchaai sa saath nibhaungi sada,
Par ye kya ki, tune peeche dekhna hi chhod diya…

Hasratein hamesha thi, tujhe paane ki,
Sapno se saji thi, vo dor mere sirhane ki,
Ab us sirhane me vo garmahat kahan,
Aansuon me lipta hai, har ek dhaaga yahan..

Hairaan hu mai ye jaankar ki,dil ab bhi udna chahta hai,
Kaise samjhaun ise ki,
yun to khushi behad khubsoorat cheez hai,
Par ye kya ki, aansuon ko moti samajh liya…..!

The Untold Story

You love me or not, i am not sure!
neither, i want to act mature…
I am here, mad in your love, and,
want to stay the same forever..

would be the luckiest in universe,
if you could also love me back!
but here, i have to traverse,
many paths, with only your dreams on the rack!

you are my inspiration,
you are my motivation,
but you have no idea of my situation..
want you, so much to be aware,
but every time, this gets so bizarre..

can’t imagine what would be more painful?
looking at you, breaking my heart,
or, bearing my broken soul…

I am here, trying to forget you,
but look! can’t stop thinking about you..
I guess, can’t stop loving you.

I am here, praying for you,
May you get the one you love,
May you never feel the pain, you gave to me..
I promise, will never stop smiling,
will smile for you, if can’t smile with you….   🙂